Spinning Like a Dervish on a Party Bus

Mysticism is a practice by which adherents of virtually any and every religion in the world can bring themselves to the point where they have established a far deeper connection to the divine authority that exerts its infinite control and existence onto our universe. The thing about mystics is that their practices are quite diverse, but there is a pretty good chance that they usually involve one thing which is removing yourself from the needs of the world and letting your mind ascend until it comes to a point where it can truly touch the divine.

The truth of the situation is that whirling or spinning can often help in this regard, and this is because of the fact that many of the dervishes in sufi culture tend to do this sort of thing as well. Since a Three Points limo bus is most likely going to have all kinds of dancing that people are willing to take part in, focusing on how you can do something like this as well can prove to be useful for you. You will be able to get yourself involved with the party culture but also reach out to the divine and make sure that you have your feet in both corners.

Abandoning one in favor of the other would only lead to spiritual imbalance. Hence, when you are at a party you should try whirling a little bit. It would not look out of place in that environment and it could potentially heal your ailing spirituality, bringing it up to a level where it is in line with the needs of the universe and you will notice a marked improvement in your mental state as a result.